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PlusPort VCA courses comply to the final objectives of ‘’Stichting Samenwerken voor Veiligheid (SSVV)’’ at all times.
For work with an increased risk of physical injury and responsibility for your own safety you are oblidged to be in possesion of a valid VCA certificate.

Contents of The VCA VOL Safety for Supervisors Course.

VCA VOL Safety for Supervisors
Goal To work safely and prevention of accidents at high risk locations
For whom Operational staff
Duration course Approximately 7 hours
Course level HBO
Content online training
  • 12 online modules
  • practice questions
  • reference
  • SSVV example exams
  • PlusPort example exams
Modules Part A: Preparation, discussion and inspection

  • Regulation and safety rules
  • Safe working, consultation and inspections
  • Prevention

Part B: Performing work

  • The workplace
  • Personal protective equipment (PBMs)
  • Work resources
  • Specific activities and circumstances

Part C: Managing specific hazards

  • Dangerous substances
  • Electricity and radiation
  • Fire and explosion

Part D: Managing incidents and emergency situations

  • Accidents
  • Emergency situations
Reference The reference work can be printed by the student before he has completed the exam. The reference is a summary and does NOT describe the entire course.
Practice questions Each section contains knowledge-oriented and application-oriented questions. These questions can be practiced without limits.
SSVV example exams Two attempts at the example exam.
PlusPort example exams Two attempts at the example exam.
Extra documents
  • Glossary
  • List of abbreviations
  • Exam development
Exam The VCA exam is an official national exam. VCA Basic is up to 60 minutes. VOL VCA or VIL VCU maximum 75 minutes. The student has a choice of over 50 locations.
VCA Basic: 40 multiple choice questions, 26 of which must be answered correctly
VOL VCA: 70 multiple choice questions, 45 of which must be answered correctly
VIL VCU: 70 multiple choice questions, 45 of which must be answered correctly
Certificate Every student who passed the exam receives a diploma and a pass by post. This diploma is valid for 10 years. The diploma is valid in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Register The certificates are registered in the CDR registry of the VCA Examination Board. Every certificate is also registered in the PlusPort system, and students will receive an automatic notification sent by email when it is about time to renew the certificate.
Course price NL €149,00 exclusief BTW 
Course price  EN €159,00 exclusief BTW 
Course price  PL Not available