VCA exam and text book

People/candidates in possession of a diploma’s that expire (or have expired) after March 12, 2020 will receive dispensation for a period of up to three months after the government withdraws its measures regarding meetings, social abstinence and physical distance. At present, these measures will last at least until 1 June 2020.

This means that the dispensation will apply until 1 September 2020 for the time being. During this period, the diploma holders may continue to work temporarily with their expired diploma.

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Do you prefer to learn with a text book instead online? You then have the possibility to subscribe for the course package VCA Exam & Text book. You choose a location and date from our VCA Exam calendar. You will receive the VCA text book within 3 working days after your subscription by post.
Important: when choosing your exam date please keep in mind that it will take 3 working days before you will have received the text book.