VCA English/Polish: exam + text book

Do you prefer to learn with a text book instead online? You then have the possibility to subscribe for the course package VCA Exam & Text book. You choose a location and date from our VCA Exam calendar. You will receive the VCA text book within 3 working days after your subscription by post.

Training goals After reading the candidate knows:

  • what behaviour can cause in the context of working safely
  • how safer working leads to fewer (near) accidents
  • how a safer working environment can be created
Target audience Employees with operational tasks under supervision of an operational manager (VOL-VCA) Operational managers and Contract managers
Languages English, Polish English
Course packages
  • Exam
  • Textbook
  • SSVV example exam
  • PlusPort example exam

Important: Although the textbook is sent immediately, it usually takes 4 working days before it is received by post.

Exam The VCA exam is an official exam. The candidate has a choice of over 50 locations to do the exam.

VCA Basic is up to 60 minutes. VOL-VCA maximum 75 minutes.

VCA Basic: 40 multiple choice questions, of which 26 must be answered correctly

VOL-VCA: 70 multiple choice questions, of which 45 must be answered correctly

We provide the VCA training and the VCA related exam is carried out by an SSVV recognized examination bureau.

Diploma Every candidate who passed the exam receives a diploma and plastic pass by post. This diploma is valid for 10 years.

Further information:


The Netherlands and Belgium have a long tradition of cooperation in the field of VCA. This has led to Belgium now using the same system as the Netherlands. Dutch and Belgian VCA diplomas are therefore equivalent and valid in both countries.

Germany, France and Austria:

You can often also get started in Germany, France and Austria with your VCA diploma. It is ultimately your client who determines whether your certificate suffices. Conversely, the German, French and Austrian variants of VCA are also accepted in these countries, whereby the client determines again.

Other countries:

Other countries do not (yet) use safety systems comparable to VCA. Your diploma is not valid there, just as VCA variants from other countries are not valid in the Netherlands.

Register The diploma is registered in the Centraal Diploma Register VCA (CDR). The diploma is also registered in the profile of the PlusPort Academy, which gives the student a reminder for renewal on time.
Price € 184,00 excluding VAT
VCA English
VCA Polish  Not available