VCA exam and text book

Do you prefer to learn with a text book instead online? You then have the possibility to subscribe for the course package VCA Exam & Text book.

You choose a location and date from our extensive VCA Exam calender. You will receive the VCA text book within 3 working days after your subscription by post.
Important: when choosing your exam date please keep in mind that it will take 3 working days before you will have received the text book.

After you have studied the VCA textbook thoroughly you can go to your exam with confidence. After the exam you will receive the result within three working days by e- mail.
In case you passed the exam you will receive your official VCA certificate and pass within ten working days. The VCA certificate is valid in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switserland and expires after ten years.

VCA text book

Text book VCA Basic Elements of Safety is obtainable in Dutch (color), German (color), English (black&white), French/Walonian (black&white), Hungarian (black&white), Norwegian (black&white), Polish (color), Rumanian (black&white), Slowakian (black&white), and Turkish (color).

Text book VOL VCA is obtainable in Dutch (color), German (color) and English (black&white).


Text books in foreign languages do not always correspondend with the actual goals of VCA because the demand for such text books is rather low. Nevertheless the text books in foreign languages are absolutely suitable for prepairing yourself for your VCA examen. When you go through your textbook thoroughly it is possible to pass the exam.

When you do not find an exam date for the language of your choice please get in touch with our Customer Support. She will do her utmost to aquire an exam date. You can reach them by phoning +31 70 3229090 or sending an e-mail to

In Dutch language € 149,00 excluding VAT
In foreign language € 159,00 excluding VAT