VCA E-learning Only

PlusPort VCA courses comply to the final objectives of ‘’Stichting Samenwerken voor Veiligheid (SSVV)’’ at all times.
For work with an increased risk of physical injury and responsibility for your own safety you are oblidged to be in possesion of a valid VCA certificate.

VCA Basic elements of Safety  VOL-VCA for Supervisors
Goal To work safely and prevention of accidents at high risk locations
For: Operational employees Operational staff
Duration course Approximately 6 hours Approximately 7 hours
Course packages
  • 14 online modules
  • Digital manual
  • Online knowledge checks
  • Online mock exam
  • Legislation
  • Dangers, risks and prevention
  • Accidents: causes and prevention
  • Safety Behaviour
  • Tasks, rights, duties and discussions
  • Signalling and marking
  • Company aid
  • Dangerous substances
  • Fires and explosions
  • Work resources
  • Specific activities and circumstances
  • Electricity and radiation
  • Ergonomic workplace
  • Personal protective equipment
Online manual An extensive reference manual. The manual can be printed before the exam.
Online knowledge checks Unlimited practice of the VCA questions with feedback.
Online mock exam You can start the mock exam twice.
Prijs NL €99,00 exclusief BTW  €99,00 exclusief BTW 
Prijs EN €124,00 exclusief BTW  €124,00 exclusief BTW 
Prijs PL €124,00 exclusief BTW  Not available