It is mandatory to wear a mouth mask at all exam locations. The candidate must bring their own to the exam. The candidate will not be admitted to the location without a mask. While taking the exam, wearing a mouth mask is allowed but not mandatory. All other Corona advice remains in full force, with extra attention being paid to keeping exam places hygienically clean and exam rooms ventilated.

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Benefits of Elearning

With a VCA course from VCAdirect followed by the VCA exam you can obtain your VCA certificate reliably, quickly and easily. Via internet you can work through our complete VCA course package, whenever you want, wherever you want.

Then you can take the national VCA exam close to your location. In this way you can obtain your VCA certificate quickly!
A VCA course via internet is ideal if you need to renew, or need a new certificate. Many customers have gone before you and profited from the advantages that VCAdirect offer!

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Obtain your VCA certificate quickly

After successful completion of the VCA exam you will receive your personal VCA certificate. With this certificate you can prove that you posses sufficient knowledge to carry out your work safely. More and more organizations expect both employees and suppliers to have completed VCA certification.

After following the VCA course and with successful completion of the VCA exam you will receive your personal VCA certificate from VCAdirect. From that moment you can demonstrate anywhere that you are a professional.

A VCA certificate can be seen as a VCA diploma for the successful completion of your VCA training. VCA certification is necessary to show that you have followed the VCA training and know how to work safely. The VCA certificate is issued by VCAdirect and is obtained according to the national regulations.

In times when safety is an important social theme, this VCA certificate can help you get more and more work. Also for organizations that were previously out of your reach! So register now and get your VCA certificate quickly!