Individual VCA Exam

People/candidates in possession of a diploma’s that expire (or have expired) after March 12, 2020 will receive dispensation for a period of up to three months after the government withdraws its measures regarding meetings, social abstinence and physical distance. At present, these measures will last at least until 1 June 2020.

This means that the dispensation will apply until 1 September 2020 for the time being. During this period, the diploma holders may continue to work temporarily with their expired diploma.

Start learning at home and order your e-learning course package for only € 99. Available for B-VCA, VOL-VCA and VIL-VCU.

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An VCA individual exam is an exam that is organized especially for you. You will receive the results immediately after the exam and, if successful, your VCA diploma.

It’s possible to have an individual exam, this exam always takes place at our exam location in Zwijndrecht on Monday through Thursday between 09:00 and 15:00. Contact us to request a individual exam:

Exams can be requested up to 25 hours before the exam time.

Provide us with the following information:

Date and time you wish to have the exam
Full name
Date and place of birth
Your email address
Billing address


Individual exam only B-VCA € 275,00
Individual  exam only VOL-VCA/VIL-VCU € 280,00
E-learning & Individual exam B-VCA (English) € 350,00
E-leaning & Individual  exam VOL-VCA/VIL-VCU € 355,00