About Us

The brand VCAdirect was introduced in 2003 by PlusPort B.V. PlusPort is an organisation that specialises in developing and distributing training materials for companies. Our mission is to make companies safer, both nationally and internationally, by spreading knowledge and improving competence. Thanks to our years of experience in knowledge management and our ICT expertise we are your ideal partner in learning via internet.

The goal of the VCAdirect brand is to inform people about the VCA safety standards and to train them, so that the correct competencies are developed to enable safe working in risky situations. In contrast to most suppliers of safety training, PlusPort has developed a unique learning method that meets your needs. We know, as no other, how high the cost and time investment can rise when training your employees.

In recent years training via internet, also known as e-learning, has become an increasingly accepted way of learning. Particularly for standard safety training, e-learning is an ideal method to enable many employees to obtain a certificate at a relatively low cost. Many customers went before you, including the BAM Group, Mammoet and Dura Vermeer. But also many ZZPs and MKB companies know where to find VCAdirect.

VCAdirect has been approved by ECABO as a training company for several years. That gives our customers, temps and employees a quality guarantee. As an approved ECABO training company PlusPort works according to the guidelines set out by ECABO for professional education and quality requirements for guidance.
Since we have acquired a great deal of knowledge regarding safety certification, we have set up different brands to inform you about the standards, possibilities and legislation. Besides VCA training we also offer the training shown below, via the same easy concept as VCAdirect.